Friday, May 24, 2024

Prayers For Iowa

 Once again, humanity’s reminded that when disasters strike, it affects us all.

No words right now. 

Got a chance to visit Iowa a few years ago.

Prayers, thoughts, peace, love for the residents of Iowa as they continue to clean up from tornados that struck the state this week.

The tornado devastated communities, families, 200 homes were destroyed. 

On this website there are links to organizations that
 are helping in the relief efforts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Candied Pecans

This is perfect as a snack or anytime.

1 lb. pecan halves

1/4 c. oil

Nonstick cooking spray

1/8 c. brown sugar

1/8 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 


Preheat oven to 375’ F.

Spray baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.

In a clean bowl combine ingredients, toss with a clean wooden spoon to coat nuts.

Spread nuts evenly on baking sheet and place in oven to bake for 20 - 30 min.

Keep an eye on them so they won’t burn.

Remove from oven when finished cooking and let cool.

Serves 4.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Mexican Dip

 This is perfect as a dip with tortilla chip or anytime.

1 c. each:  sour cream, prepared salsa

1/4 tsp. each: salt, pepper

1 clove garlic, peeled crushed & chopped

Peel, crush, chop garlic.

In a clean bowl combine ingredients. 

Stir with a clean fork, cover with plastic wrap & place in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Serves 4.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Galaxy Salad

Happy Star Wars Day all! 

This salad is perfect for streaming the movies or for spring.

2 - 3 c. lettuce

1/2 c. each: chopped tomatoes, snow peas,  cucumber chopped, 

1/4 c. each: shallots chopped, feta cheese, candied pecans

Rinse lettuce in a strainer.

Rinse and chop tomatoes.

Peel, rinse, chop shallots.

Rinse, remove ends from, chop cucumber and snow peas.

Combine vegetables in a clean salad bowl. 

Top salad with feta cheese and candied pecans.

Serves 4. 

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Draft Week Barbecue Sauce

The NFL draft was in town this week. 

This will be the MVP of your get together or next cookout.

1/2 c. ketchup

1 - 2 T.  red wine vinegar

1 T. brown sugar

1 tsp. each: Worcestershire sauce, mustard

1/4 tsp. each: salt, pepper, granulated garlic, paprika, minced dried onions

2 drops hot sauce

pinch red pepper flakes

In a clean mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix with a clean fork..

Cover bowl in plastic wrap in place in refrigerator until ready to use.

Serves 4. 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Spring Green Salad

This is perfect for spring, a healthy lunch, watching the Masters or anytime.

 I've used pre washed mixed greens for the salad, but you can use what lettuce you like.

 I've also used Gorgonzola cheese and sliced almonds too.

2  - 3 c. mixed salad greens 
1/2 c. each: chopped onion, sliced strawberries, cucumbers, 
1 - 2 oz. each: Gorgonzola cheese, sliced almonds (optional)

Peel, rinse and chop onion, set aside.

Rinse, cut ends from and chop cucumbers 

Rinse, pat dry, and slice strawberries set aside.

Put salad greens in a clean salad bowl. 

Top greens with onion, cucumbers and berries, toss to mix. 

Top salad with cheese, almonds and place in refrigerator until ready to serve. 

Serves 4.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Lamb Stew

This is perfect for early spring, using leftover  lamb or anytime.

 1 - 1 1/2 lb. lam roast, cut into chunks

6 c. low sodium beef broth

1 medium onion chopped
2 medium potatoes chopped
2 carrots chopped
4 - 6 T. oil, divided
1 - 2 cloves garlic chopped, crushed
1/8 - 1/4 c. flour
1/4 tsp. each: salt, pepper
1/2 tsp. parsley

In a bowl combine lamb, flour, half of salt and pepper. 

Toss to coat lamb. 

Heat soup pot to medium high heat. 

Lower heat to medium, add half of oil.

Add meat and cook for 8 - 10 minutes to brown. 

Turn lamb over to brown evenly. 

While lamb is cooking, peel, rinse, chop onion and garlic.

Rinse, remove ends from, and chop potatoes.

Rinse, remove ends of carrots. 

Drain off excess fat if needed. 

Deglaze pan with some of the broth.

 Cook for 8 - 10 minutes more. 

Transfer lamb to a clean bowl.

Add more oil to pot. 

Add vegetables, parsley, garlic, rest of salt, and pepper to pot. 

Cook for 6 - 10 minutes or until done. Stir occasionally. 

Return meat to pot, add rest of broth.

Cover and cook for 1 - 2 hr. or until done stirring occasionally. 

Serves 6.