Saturday, July 18, 2015

Very Cherry Margarita™

This is a great way to enjoy Michigan cherries. 

I didn't add sugar because the cherries that I used were sweet. But you can add sugar if needed. 

2 c. margarita mix
1/2 - 1 c pitted sweet cherries (adjust amount desired)
1 tsp. sugar or sweetner (optional, to taste)
4 - 6 oz. tequila
1 - 2 oz. triple sec
kosher salt

Wet a napkin, rub around rim of glasses to wet. Put salt on small dish. 

Put mouth of glasses face down on plate to coat rim of glasses with salt, set glasses aside.

Rinse and remove pits from cherries.

Combine remaining ingredients in blender. Blend for 20 - 40 sec. or until blended. 

Pour into glasses.

Serves 4.