Saturday, March 14, 2020

Easy Hand Sanitizer

This post is a little different this week.

Instead of a food recipe, here's how to make your own hand sanitizer.

When I can't get to a store to get hand sanitizer, or they run out, this is what I do.

You can add aloe vera gel to the sanitizer if desired too. 

Wash your hands when you can, stay home if you don't feel well.

Be safe all, we'll get through this.

6 oz. isopropyl alcohol 
1/2 - 1  1/2 oz. gentle hand soap, 
1/2 oz. aloe vera gel (optional)
4 - 8 drop essential oils

In a measuring cup combine alcohol, soap and gel.

Stir to mix.

With a funnel, pour sanitizer in your favorite spray dispenser.

Add desired amount of your favorite essential oil.

Screw lid on container.

Spray sanitizer as needed.

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