Saturday, March 28, 2020

Easy Breezy Dalgona

This is my version of the recent internet sensation called dalgona.

It's a type of whipped coffee you serve over milk.

I've used decaf instant coffee because I'm trying to cut my caffeine intake, but you can use regular instant coffee if desired.

I've used my hand blender with the whip attachment.

But you can also use a regular whisk instead.

If you whip it by hand, it'll take you 5 - 15 minutes to get it to the right consistency.

I've had to mix this in a deep mixing bowl, because it's less of a mess.

I've also use reduced fat milk and dietetic sweetener for this, but you can use regular sugar, & whole milk if desired.

2 T. each: hot water, sugar, instant coffee granules
1 - 2 c. reduced fat milk

Heat cold water in a microwave safe cup for 1 min approx.

Remove carefully cup from microwave.

In a deep mixing bowl or measuring cup combine the hot water sugar and coffee.

Stir with a clean fork.

Using the whip attachment on your hand mixer, blend mixture for about 1 - 3 minutes or until it's a light caramel color.

Pour milk into clean cups.

Spoon whipped coffee over milk.

Serves 2.

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