Saturday, June 27, 2020

Chef Salad

Summer is the perfect season for fresh produce and satisfying salads 

This is great for a summer lunch, dinner or anytime.

2 hard boiled eggs, peeled, chopped
1 c. each: chopped cooked chicken, chopped cooked ham
1 c. each: romaine lettuce, baby spinach, spring mix
1 c. each: chopped onions, cucumber, tomatoes
1/2 c. chopped cheese

Chop cooked chicken and ham, set aside.

Peel, chop eggs, set aside.

Peel, rinse, chop onion, set aside.

Rinse, chop cucumbers and tomatoes, set aside.

Cut cheese into chunks, set aside.

When you're ready to assemble salad, rinse and pat dry lettuce, spring mix.

Rinse, snip ends from spinach leaves, set aside.

Place lettuce, spinach leaves and spring mix in a salad bowl.

Arrange chicken, ham, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions cheese on top of lettuce in the bowl.

Serves 4.

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