Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Classic BLT™

This is my version on of the classic. You can use turkey or vegan bacon too.

12 strips lean bacon
1 tomato sliced
4 romaine lettuce leaves
1 onion sliced
2 T softened butter
4 T lite mayo
8 slices bread
non stick cooking spray

Peel, rinse, cut onion into slices, set aside.  Rinse tomato and cut into slices, set aside. 
Rinse and pt dry lettuce, set aside. 

Preheat skillet to medium high heat, lower  heat to medium and spray nonstick spray into pan. Add some of the bacon and cook on 1 side for 6 - 7  min.  Flip bacon over and repeat cooking process until desired crispness.  Remove bacon from pan and drain on a paper towel lined plate.  

While bacon is cooking, toast 2 slices of the bread in a toaster until desired doneness.  Remove toast from toaster and repeat toasting process with remaining slices of bread.

To assemble sandwiches:

Spread softened butter on 1 side of 4 slices of the toasted bread.  Arrange 3 slices of bacon on the buttered side up of bread. Arrange  lettuce, tomato and onion over bacon. Spread mayo on the remaining slices of bread. Lay mayo side down on top of BLT. 

To serve, cut BLT in half.

Serves 4. 

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Farm Fresh Feasts said...

A BLT is the thing I most look forward to when tomato season is approaching, and last year I ate one every single week, no matter if I was in the mood for it or not, just because there is nothing like a BLT with garden ripe tomatoes.