Friday, October 7, 2011

Easy Margaritas ™

This is refreshing for tailgating or for anytime. I serve this frozen but omit the ice if you wish to serve it over ice. 

16- 20 oz prepared limeade 
4 oz tequila
2 T triple sec 
Ice (optional)
Salt for rim of glass
2 limes 

Juice 1 lime into small bowl, cut second one in quarters, set aside.

Wet a napkin slightly, rub around rim of glasses to wet. Put salt on small dish. 

Put mouth of glasses face down on plate to coat rim of glasses with salt, set glasses aside. 

Combine limeade, lime juice, triple sec, ice, and tequila in blender. Blend well for 20- 30 sec.  Pour into glasses. Garnish glass with lime wedges.  

Serves 4. 

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