Sunday, January 24, 2010

Refrigerator Donuts ™

Who doesn't love a good donut?

This recipe is so simple that my niece came up with it. She used canned refrigerated biscuit dough for this recipe. Enjoy!

2 cans refrigerated biscuit dough
2 c vegetable oil
1/2 cup sugar (regular or dietetic)
2-3 T ground cinnamon

In a shallow bowl combine sugar and cinnamon. Mix well.

Unroll biscuits from can.

With a clean cap from a pop or water bottle, punch a hole out of the biscuits. We use leftover dough to make donuts dots.

Heat oil on high in deep pan. When the temp reaches 365 *F, it's ready. You can tell this by using a deep fry thermometer.

Drop a few doughnuts in the oil. Cook donuts 3 - 5 minutes or until golden brown. While frying, turn donuts over once to cook evenly. Repeat cooking process with remaining donuts.

Drain fried donuts on plate lined with paper towels.

Dredge cooled donuts in sugar cinnamon mixture, coating both sides of donuts.

Makes 20 donuts, (5 servings).

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~~louise~~ said...

Easy Donuts indeed, Heide. Great in a pinch I bet. I'm going to attempt "Easy Bear Claws" this weekend using crescent rolls. Wish me luck!!! Thanks for sharing...