Friday, August 12, 2011

Not So Super Secret To Super Simple Syrup ™

Simple Syrup is a great way to sweeten your summertime drinks and can be used in many recipes. 

Once you mastered this basic recipe, you can make your own twists to the syrup. I've used 1/2 c of sugar for this. You can adjust the amount of sugar for desired sweetness. 

1 c cold water
1/4c - 3/4 c sugar (regular or dietetic)

Heat water on high just until it just comes to boil in saucepan.
Reduce heat to medium, add sugar. Stir sugar 2-5 min or until it's fully dissolved.

Remove from heat and let cool.  Pour into small container with lid. Store in refrigerator until needed.

Makes 48 (1 tsp) servings.

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